Responsible Tourism Ethos

In our operation of the Sahara Safari Camp we work with 10 ‘eco-credentials’ in mind. These are reviewed on a regular basis in line with industry guidelines, best practice and our own innovations.

>  Strict control of water usage, but enough for guests to wash in hot water each day.
>  Use of recycled tyres to make buckets and water jugs for showering.
>  Use of ‘bio-toi’ loos with bio-degradable bags – avoids harmful chemical loos.
>  Use of fresh sustainable produce bought and grown locally in Draa Valley.
>  Majority of staff employed from local area. Training and development key.
>  Use of camels/mules to supply water and produce – provides income locally.
>  No permanent structures to minimise environmental damage. Just long steel pegs!
>  Solar and dynamo-powered torches/lanterns used in camp.
>  Develop and support village projects such as health or education facilities.

Responsible Tourism in Morocco

All our team care with a passion for the future of our amazing planet, its wildlife and its people. We are an ethical organisation that adheres to the principles of responsible tourism and sustainable travel, fair trade, business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

We recognise that our responsibility extends to all interested parties to this business including not only our customers and local partners, but also local host communities, our planet, its wildlife and nature.

Our Local Partners in the Sahara

We work in close partnership with the local community. We feel this approach has a more direct benefit on the local distribution of income from tourism.

We support and fully endorse the recruitment and training of local guides, local group tour managers, drivers and representation staff.

Employing Local Guides & Leaders

With our guiding principle of employing local people wherever possible our guests see a direct benefit in the improved local knowledge of our local team, whether that be knowledge of flora, fauna, history or just general Moroccan life.

Through this approach we can also maximise the amount of your tourism revenue that is delivered directly into the heart of the local economy, whilst at the same time providing our guests with a holiday which is fully financially protected by our bonding schemes and insurance cover.

Promoting Responsible Tourism

We are determined to do what we can to help minimise any negative impacts on the environmental, wildlife and cultural welfare of Morocco through promoting responsible visitor behaviour; promoting waste reduction; facilitating cultural exchange between guests and local communities; supporting local businesses, goods and services; encouraging guests to eat local foods rather than imported foods; encouraging the conservation of natural resources like electricity and water; and promoting the importance of protecting the local environment and nature.

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