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Budget Sahara Tents

We are working hard to produce a quality Morocco Sahara camp that even budget travellers to the Sahara can afford – and we are delighted to announce a new budget Sahara tent option at Sahara Safari Camp.

For the first time travellers can sleep in the Morocco Sahara in a real bed under a cosy duvet (and under the stars!) from just £24 pp per night – including dinner !!!  The only small inconvenience is a 5 metre walk to a loo and shower which is just behind the sleeping tent.

We can even arrange for you to take a local bus from Marrakech to Tagounite and pick you up from town!

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Glamping Morocco

With the opening of Sahara Safari Camp in October 2010, glamping in morocco became possible. Backpackers and budget travellers have used a network of simple camp sites for many years in Morocco, but the development of luxury camping accommodation has been slow to take off.

In the past 3 years ‘Glamping’ has really taken off as a preferred accommodation to holidaymakers wanting to get closer to nature and the great outdoors but without compromising on comfort, private facilities and a good bed to sleep in.

Luxury camping has been possible in sub-Saharan Africa since the days of the early explorers – and now the concept of glamping in Morocco has arrived in the Moroccan Sahara at the Sahara Safari Camp.



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